Embeddable maps

There is some support for embedding certain Map Center modules (currently static maps, past primary results for which tabulation is complete and the Electoral College calculator) in other Web pages, such as those of PBS member stations.

Embeds are handled through two main files:

  • A basic PHP script serves markup for a particular map to the user depending on its query string arguments.
  • A JavaScript file provides support for creating this query string, calculating the height of the embed and generating the <iframe> element that will hold the embedded map.

Server side

The server side of this is a PHP script (located at embed/embed.php) that just writes slightly different versions of its content depending on the query string arguments provided. It otherwise contains most of the same elements as the normal map pages (except for less useful ones such as the navigation and tabs) and is designed to be responsive using the styles in embed/embed.css.

The script checks that the arguments fall into the set of allowed values to avoid weird exploits, but this means adding a new module’s functionality to this takes quite a bit of hand-holding. Ask if you need help.

Client side

embed/nhmc_embed.js defines the embedNHMC function, which embed codes call to create the actual <iframe> element for the map.

It calculates the height of the element (using lots of our trial and error) in the calcHeight function, which should be tweaked as necessary. (Being able to change this and affect all embeds is probably the main reason Map Center embeds are structured this way, honestly.)

It also generates an ID unique to the embed’s contents in case the <iframe> element needs to be styled in any way. This is currently unused, but it could be a useful support tool later on for sites that embed this.

embedNHMC appends the embedded map by default, but it can be made to just return the <iframe> markup, which can be useful for previews such as in embed/index.html. (See the source of embed/nhmc_embed.js for details.)

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